Why was this actor flipping burgers at a fast food restaurant?


Bradley Cooper shocked fans at the weekend when he was spotted flipping burgers in a fast food restaurant in the centre of London.

But fear not, our lovely Bradley has not fallen on hard times, but was instead preparing himself for his latest film role.

The actor was seen practicing his burger flipping skills on Sunday before he was pictured filming the scene yesterday.

An insider revealed that Bradley wanted to learn the “art of the flip”.

“Bradley was training alongside genuine Burger King staff. The aim was to learn the ‘art of the flip’ which he nailed fairly quickly.  There was no real fanfare from him. You’d never know he was a big star by the way he spoke to people.”

Cooper plays a chef in his new movie, which has yet to be titled.

With all of this practice, we’ve no doubt that he’s mastered the art of flipping burgers already!