Why it’s actually OK to NOT like Christmas movies!


Telling someone that you’re really not into Christmas movies is almost like admitting that chocolate or pizza just isn’t your bag. It can be, in other words, completely and utterly shocking.

But fear not, we have a list of reasons why it’s completely OK to dislike festive flicks.

The next time you’re faced with a sea of gobsmacked expressions because you’ve never watched Elf or seen Miracle on 34th Street, just reel out the following reasons for your questionable attitude and watch people slowly come around to your way of thinking.

1. Perfect family vs. your family

Who wants to endure two hours of some perfect family enjoying the holiday season when your own family struggle to make it through Christmas breakfast without a scuffle?

2. Movie weather vs. real weather

Why must we watch that same perfect family enjoy classic Christmas activities like sleighing and snowball fighting when our dad just skulled himself on the icy back steps and crashed head first into the dog’s kennel?

3. Film fights vs. real fights

Who needs to be duped into thinking that Christmas fights within the family can be rectified with a little comedy and a lot of good cheer when really, we all know that there was NO coming back from our family fight on Christmas Day 2005. We'd rather not talk about it, thanks.

4. Movie soundtrack vs. your soundtrack

Who needs to see a neighbourhood who gets to experience Christmas carols, church bells and neighbourly well wishes when all WE get is a dodgy Christmas number one, a non-stop burglar alarm and the annual screaming match in the Queen Vic.

5. Their presents vs. your presents.

How is it fair that they get perfectly wrapped gifts sitting under an enormous Christmas tree, and all WE get is a voucher given to us by a hungover and disgruntled sibling who’d rather keep it for themselves?

If anyone needs us, we'll be watching Hostel.