Why fighting can actually be GOOD for your relationship


Nobody likes fighting with their other half. It’s emotionally draining and no fun but here are some reasons it may actually benefit your relationship in the long run.

1. Fighting means you are still passionate
If you didn’t deeply love the person you wouldn’t bother fighting with them! Although this is for the couple who fight once in a while, everyday may mean there are deeper issues.

2. Improves communication skills
Fighting means you learn more about your partner – what annoys them, their fighting “style” and more importantly, how to fix it.

3. Stops a build-up of resentment
Having a big blow-out will mean you clear the air. Get everything out there and it can be resolved one way or another. If you keep it all in the problems will get bigger and bigger until it is too late.

4. Apologies can be fun
If you know you overreacted about him leaving crumbs in the butter then apologise. But do it sweetly and make him laugh – a cute note or a funny face can go a long way! Make-ups are always fun, remember? So an apology may be worth it in the end!