WHERE’S the baby?! Coco officially has the world’s tiniest bump

Kate Middleton definitely nabbed the title for tiniest celeb baby bump during both her 2013 and 2015 pregnancies.

However, it seems there is now a new contender for her crown: namely, Coco Austin. 

The model was attending one of her 57-year-old husband's gigs yesterday when she posted a snap to Twitter.

Donning skin-tight white jeans, towering shoes and a blue chiffon shirt, Coco looked FAR from anything near her third trimester.

Using the hashtag #28weeks and an emoji of a baby's bottle, the 36-year-old wrote: Chilling baby… I'm just chillin… Backstage at BC concert supporting my man… Thats how I roll."

And her streamlined appearance didn't go unnoticed by fans. 

"How in the HELL are u wearing those heels at 28 weeks?? You look great though," said one, while another stated: "wow, you don't look like ur even showing."

A third fan offered: "Coco you are so blessed to have such a little baby bump. The less stretching the better. You are flawlessly rocking mommyhood." 

Married for 13 years, she and rapper Ice T are expecting their first child together, a girl whom they have said they will name Chanel, before the end of the year.