What we learn from our boyfriend’s mates


No matter how well we think we know our other half, we sometimes have to remind ourselves that they had an entire life before they met us and we can’t possibly know everything. Really girls, would we even want to?! There ARE times however when an insight into your boyfriend’s past, no matter how old or trivial, is really welcome and can actually strengthen your bond.

We don’t suggest sitting his friends down and demanding to know the ins and outs of his life, pre-you, but just listen up when bromantic anecdotes and titbits are being shared. His mates mightn’t even realise it, but they’re basically giving you a front row seat to the story of the boy that became your boyfriend.

His school days
We think we have this pretty much covered, don’t we? We know he fancied Amanda in 6th year and he got rat-arsed when he missed out on his first CAO choice by five points, but what about his day-to-day school persona? His school friends are a great source of cute and heartwarming stories.

Did you hear about the time he nursed a sparrow back to health after finding it in the school yard? No, no we did not. *Heart surge.*

His love life
Boys have a habit of either playing down their past hook-ups or bigging them up so much, you’re not quite sure whether you’re dating Donal or The Hef. For a genuine insight, his best mate is the man to listen to.

While a big group of lads in classic banter-form have no bother pretending (and probably believing *sigh) that they were the college studs, his bessie will have the REAL story. Yes, he was heartbroken when his girlfriend dumped him in first year, but he was falling all over himself when he first started dating you. PSYCH!

His family
Families are tricky. You may not have even met them yet, so there might be a small air of mystery surrounding the whole clan, so do keep your ear to the ground. Chatting with him and his mates about potential Christmas presents can give you an insight into your boyfriend’s relationship with his family.

Thoughtful presents and a lot of preparation in the past suggests he has a close bond with his; always nice to hear, right?

Don’t be disappointed that he hasn't shared certain stories and experiences with you, there’s hundreds of things you haven’t shared with him, but there’s no malice behind it, right?
Maybe he’d feel like he was boasting if he told you he gave his Happy Meal to a wailing toddler in Maccy D’s or won the Iron Stomach competition in his final year of college, so just accept that, but DO make the most of his friend’s loose lips. 

You know, he probably does the same with your mates too. Prime them quick!