What on earth is this guy doing to Rihanna in this picture?


Rihanna is well known for her outrageous Instagram posts, between flashing her bum to striking pretty seductive poses; however, the latest one is a top contender for bizarre photo of the year.

The We Found Love singer posted a picture of herself getting ready. Nothing unusual there we hear you say, but the Diamonds singer is casually standing in a barely-there dress doing her make up while two guys do something – we’re not sure what – to her bottom half.

In fact, one guy is even lifting up the back of her dress and seems to be having a very good look at her backside. Followers of the singer’s Instagram account even questioned what he was doing. One wrote: “What is he doing in the Back?!” while another wrote: “Is he trying to smell her fart??? Lol.”

The 26-year-old left it up to her followers’ imaginations to figure out what is going on and simply captioned the photo: “…”