What?? Kerry Katona says that she REJECTED Colin Farrell years ago


This is unexpected, and we're really not sure we're getting the whole truth, but Kerry Katona has revealed that Colin Farrell once came onto her in a nightclub… And she rejected him.

The singer was still married to Brian McFadden at the time, and although she fancied Colin, she says she couldn't go ahead with Colin's advances as she was still Brian's wife.

“My old crush was Colin Farrell. I met Colin years ago when I was married to Brian and he came onto me,” she told OK! Magazine.

“I was out with Keith Duffy and he was stroking my leg and saying: ‘You’re a fine young thing!’I would have gone for him.”

Since divorcing Brian, Kerry has been famously unlucky in love. Maybe when she split from Brian she should have called Colin up.. She probably wouldn't be pulling her trousers down in an airport then. 

Images: Luminous