We cannot believe what Kanye just revealed about Kylie and Tyga!


Kanye really came out with all the home truths today!

The rapper appeared on US radio station Power 105.1 to clear up some of the scandal between his ex Amber Rose and wife Kim Kardashian that erupted earlier this week.

But he also cleared up a few other situations – in particular the are-they-aren't-they drama between his sister-in-law Kylie and her rumoured boyfriend Tyga!

At 25, Tyga is eight years older than Kylie, so there has been a lot of criticism and speculation around their suspected relationship.

Tyga himself went on air with Power 105.1 on Wednesday (they're all at it!) and strongly denied he was going out with Kylie – but Kanye said differently today.

"He got in early, I think he was smart," said Kanye when asked about 17-year-old Kylie dating Tyga. "They are closer in age than a lot of relationships I know."

After all but confirming the relationship, Kanye refused to give any more information, but that seems to be enough for us.

So when Tyga told listeners that rumours that he was seeing Kylie were "ridiculous," was he flat-out lying or just trying to stir things up further?

You know what would sort all this out? An interview with Kylie… surely that's not far off?!

Update, 20/02/15
TMZ have now published an unedited cut of Kanye's Power 105.1 interview, during which the rapper declares that Kylie and Tyga are "in love" before adding, "you can't tell nobody." Wow… sounds pretty real to us!

Listen here: