Want to recreate the Halloween of your childhood? Here’s how to do it


The moment October rolls around, everyone goes into Halloween-overdrive.

And while family and friends might be super busy creating totally on-trend costumes –  did someone say Harley Quinn? – there are more than a few of us who actually love to go traditional at this time of the year.

And that is why we’re all about Wicklow this month.

From soaking up autumn colours on afternoon walks in Wicklow’s picturesque woodlands to enjoying wildlife spotting and star gazing under the autumn skies at the Wicklow Mountains National Park, this is the kind of Autumnal celebration we can really get on board with.

And when the time comes to properly embrace Halloween? Why not uncover local folk laws and spooky tales as you explore Wicklow Gaol or hop aboard the Halloween Train for a trip through Rathwood’s creepy forest?

With countless events and activities kicking off mid-month and running until the spookiest night of the year draws to a close, Wicklow is definitely the place to be this month.

Catch y’all there.