Want to live your best long hair life this summer?


We’ve all been there. You’re brushing your hair after a shower and although you’ve lovingly conditioned and serum-ed it, your hairbrush comes away with what looks like a head-full of hair.

It can be more than a little worrying, although we know that some amount of shedding is natural. But talking to friends, it seems like everyone’s hair is a little frail at the moment, whether that’s from stress, the dramatic change in our lifestyles, or maybe something more. It’s important to feel like we’re doing everything we can for our locks, especially as we want to emerge from lockdown this summer looking like our best selves!

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Whether you’re rocking the classic ‘Rachel Green’ or are going more contemporary with curtain bangs, the key is having healthy nourished hair. There are plenty of supplements advertised to us, but how many of them are really worth buying?

Annutri’s ‘Grow It’ is the latest in hair nourishment and growth supplement research. The brainchild of Top Award-Winning Dublin Salon Owners Anita Donoghue and Steve Kucsera and Kevin Connolly, owner of Athy-based and online health food store Healthy Living this supplement combines and hair dresser’s expertise with a health food’s professional perspective to create the sell-out treatment. Natural and vegan-friendly, ‘Grow It’ will give your hair the best nourishment from within- plus, it’s made right here in Ireland!

Already a favourite of Irish cookery author, entrepreneur and influencer Roz Purcell, who has hailed Grow It multiple times as an aid in helping her battle a recent patch of hair loss, ‘Grow It’ was also named Best Hair Supplement in the RSVP Magazine Hair Awards 2020.

Having recommended haircare supplements to their clients for years, Anita and Steve teamed up with Kevin to develop their own brand of nutritional supplements targeting the look, feel and strength of hair. ‘Grow It’ by Annutri works by aiding hair growth in the initial stages, deep beneath the scalp where the follicle is forming, ensuring it is nourished with the nutrients it needs to look and feel healthy and strong.


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The unique and premium blend of vitamins and minerals are formulated to promote healthy hair growth with this miracle supplement containing Biotin, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) which is a natural form of Sulphur, Copper, Zinc, Nettle Leaf, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, Horsetail, Choline, Spirulina and Wheatgrass among many more nutrients, all of which encourage stronger, longer, thicker hair. ‘Grow It’ contains no bulking agents – just clean, nourishing ingredients.

“Throughout our research with several hairstylists, we realised they needed something extra to help their clients get to the root of problem hair,” says Anita. “Most hair products go directly on to the hair and mask underlining problems that need to be treated from within. We realised that in addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle changes, taking a supplement with specific nutrients needed by hair can be extremely helpful in making hair healthy, shiny and voluminous.”

Annutri was launched in March of last year with their first product, Grow It, which has since taken off, with 80 salons across Ireland and the UK already stocking this miracle supplement. Try it out for yourself to see the results by checking out their website here!