Vogue Williams’ new role is actually pretty cool


Dublin native Vogue Williams has a new role that has us all feeling a slightly jealous. The reality star-turned DJ-turned model is now the proud ambassador of Cocoa Brown Tan and we’re pretty sure she will never have to buy fake tan ever again!

Brian McFadden’s wife announced the news on Twitter, saying: “So excited to be an official brand ambassador for my favourite fan tan @CocoaBrownTan #BrownNotOrange.”

However, while we may be slightly jealous of her new role, we are certainly not envious of how she keeps her amazing figure!

The 28-year-old recently went for a body wrap sessions, whereby clingfilm is wapped around your body and a blanket put over you so you basically sweat off your fat. Talking about the session, Vogue said: “I sat on my ass for almost an hour and lost weight, delighted with life.”

And it seems it was certainly worth it, as she declared: “When it was finished, my skin was so smooth but the most amazing thing was that I’d actually lost inches, I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I could wear these wraps everywhere – they suck everything in!”