Video of Adam Levine being jumped on stage goes viral


Sometimes when the time comes to meet our favourite celebrity, we can get a little bit overwhelmed.

Like this woman did…

A video of a fan jumping on stage at a Maroon 5 concert has been going viral today after the singer was actually left with an injury to his ear.

A Maroon 5 Instagram fanpage shared the video from a fan earlier and we have to say, it certainly looks quite scary.

The woman can seen rushing up to the singer as he performs on stage and grabbing him around the neck, reluctant to let go.

Immediately alarmed, Adam handled the situation very well and can be seen trying to calm the woman before putting his arm around her to lead her off stage.

The singer reportedly told the crowd shortly afterwards it was 'super terrifying' as he had his eyes closed and was lost in the moment up until the moment he was grabbed.