Una Foden slams fellow popstar as ‘disgusting’ in outraged rant


Controversy surrounding  the latest X Factor scandal, which saw the official dismissal of judges Natalia Kills and husband Willy Moon, hasn't gone away just yet!

The lovely Una Foden has weighed in on the scandal and the normally mild-mannered popstar showed a fiery side when she revealed her true feelings for the disgraced judges.

Admitting she thinks the popstar judges got everything they deserved, the mum-of-two said: "I'm glad that people turned on them like they did because it was just disgusting behaviour."

Going further still, Una slammed singer Natalia, saying: "She used the word disgusting. Well I thought she was disgusting to be perfectly honest."

Joe Irvine, who was on the receiving end of the judge's cruel tirade, already has the backing of Ed Sheeran and there's no doubt Una is championing the contestant all the way, saying: "I have gone through that process and I know how tough it is getting up on that stage."

We don't think this scandal is going to die down for quite some time!