Uh oh! Bad news for George Clooney fans


We have some bad news for George Clooney fans – the lovable actor has said “No” to Twitter.

Twitter-stalking celebrities is just as popular as Facebook-stalking your social circle, but unfortunately, we won’t be able to add the silver fox to our list of stalkees anytime soon.

Talking to Variety, the Monuments Men star said he wouldn’t have a Twitter account for fear of saying “something stupid” after a couple of drinks. He added: “I also don’t think you need to be that available.”

His revealed that his mates – Brad Pit and Matt Damon, no less – won’t be joining the social media site either.

The actor said: ”I don’t see Matt or Brad or myself wanting to get our thoughts out in a 140-character-thing at three in the morning. God forbid, you take a sleeping pill and wake up and the sentences don’t even make sense. What a horrible idea.”

Clooney has previously voiced his thoughts on the site, saying: “anyone who is famous is a moron if they’re on Twitter. It’s just stupid.”

Not sure the folks at Twitter will be pleased to hear this, George.