Types of girls you definitely want to avoid in friendship

1. The attention seeker


Every gang of girls has one of these, the one who always has to be centre of attention. She’s loud, and tries to be ‘like sooooo funny!’ Especially around boys, everything is about her, she has to look the best, and pull all the good lookin’ lads on a night out, her eyes turn green if the best looking guy in the pub is talking to your other friend. They’ll always act really dumb and be all ditsy and girly girl.

2. The clingy one 


The one who is just slightly obsessed with you. She makes plans for you without even asking are you free, she texts you 24/7, just to let you know she’s eating Chinese and oh oh will you go for a run with her tomorrow to burn it off . She gets jealous if you make plans with other girls “like, why didn’t you invite me??” even if she doesn’t even know the girls.

3. Two faced


Every girl bitches, about everything and every one.. but some girls just take it to a whole new level. She will jump at the chance to bitch about a mutual friend, so what makes you think she doesn’t do the same to you? The Regina George kind who will tell you your top is just fab and as soon as your gone say “that’s the ugliest top I’ve ever seen” You don’t need these people in your life.

4. Drags you down 


These type of friends are difficult, it’s like they do it so sneakily but they will break you. These kind of girls just hate you doing better than them, and will always try drag you down.

5. The Bad influence 


Okay so your friend is a slut, doesn’t mean you have to be too. She wants you to go to house parties so she can get the shift with a ratio of 10:1 on boys to girls, and you’ve a boyfriend, sorry no. They try make you do all the bad stuff they do, regardless of what you want to do.

6. The copy cat


We’ve all been there, the one who has everything you have, wears everything your wear and does everything you do. No one wants to go out dressed like the Olsen twins.

7. The user 


So you got a new car – and she’s back in your life again! There’s also the kind who literally uses you as a friend, and makes you do stuff with them because: “come on, no one else will come.” They will drop you like a plank of wood once something, or someone better comes along. They text you for the first time in weeks and how convenient those new boots you got would go perfect with her new dress.

8. Anything you can do I can do better


Having a friend like this can be exhausting. It’s like you’re in constant competition even if you don’t even know it.. you finally got that perfect matte shade of red you were looking for, but oh wait hers is MAC. Your going on holidays with your boyfriend and staying in a really cool hotel with.. “I know but OURS has a pool view room with stools in the water. Your doing sunbeds while she’s secretly doing an extra three a week on the sly just to be darker than you. #exhausting

9. Having to tip-toe around them 


This type of friend probably doesn’t even realise they’re doing any harm, but they’re the most difficult friend to have. You literally have to watch EVERYTHING you say around them in case they go off on one. They ask for your opinion, and then get bad if you tell them something they don’t want to hear. You feel you have to think before you speak for the fear of: “whaaat?? what did you say??” They can also be an emotional mess, and cry at the slightest thing. Or the opposite and roar and shout at the smallest thing, either way.

10. The flirt


These girls aren’t really friends, they could be part of your group, or someone you hang around with from time to time, but you wouldn’t trust them as far as you’d throw um’. You already know they’ve slept with your friend’s boyfriend and is seemingly proud of it, so what makes you think she wouldn’t jump at the chance to get up on yours? She uses Snapchat like a porn site, and craves attention off all your male friends, It’s ok to be worried if she’s constantly texting your boyfriend ‘for a lift’.