So, Twitter reacted to Beyoncé’s Instagram reveal, and it’s pure gold

It had been six week since Beyoncé's last Instagram upload, so when the masses copped that the Formation singer had logged on in the last few hours, they knew they were in for a good'un.

And, as per usual, Queen Bey did not disappoint.


Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today.

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In a photograph which echoed that of her pregnancy reveal, Bey shared the first shot of her newborn twins, and Twitter needed a quick lie-down amid all the excitement.

We'll let these guys and gals do the talking…

1. Yeah Yonce, f*ck it up… we think.

 2. Best way to start a Friday.

3. Jeez Bey. 

4. Not long now. 

5. It's true, he is. 

6. Props, Bey.

7. Don't we all? 

8. Needs must.

9. All of us right now.

10. Loud and clear.