Trouble in paradise for loved-up Kardashians star?


Uh-oh. Is there trouble in paradise already?

Despite the news that Kris Jenner’s new boyfriend Corey Gamble has signed up to appear in the next series of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it seems that he is none too thrilled at the prospect.

According to sources who were at Kris’ birthday celebrations last night in Las Vegas, the 33-year-old was spotted looking very awkward and uncomfortable around the star and her friends.

A source told “Kris’ boyfriend was at her party, but he looked like a bodyguard. They would awkwardly talk and touch when the cameras were on, but separated when the cameras went off.”

And in an admission that doesn’t exactly bode well for their on-screen chemistry, the source added: “He never interacted with her when cameras weren’t active.”

It’s not surprising to hear that Kris wasn’t too bothered by the awkwardness, as the source revealed that she has big plans for their budding romance.

“She’s not stupid. This is ratings gold and brings the focus back on her!” the source said.

Well, it’s certainly peaked our interest.