TOWIE star lashes out at ex just one week after split

Last week it was reported that TOWIE's on-again-off-again couple Chloe Sims and Elliott Wright were very much OFF.

The couple had reunited in December, after breaking up two months earlier following allegations Elliott had slept with another woman.

For the last couple of months it seemed as if they were putting theif differences behind them and making a big effort to settle down together, but last week Chloe confirmed in her Star magazine column that she and Elliott had indeed split again.

Chloe was quite vague about the reasons for the split, simply saying Elliott had been upset she couldn't visit him in Spain and that he "looked at my phone and found some texts he didn't like." Now though, Elliott is telling his own side of the story, and it's not pretty.

"Chloe had said she wanted to get serious, to join me in Spain, settle down and have a baby. Two days after filming ended she asked me to fix her phone and I saw text messages from her ex-boyfriend," he told New! magazine.

"She shot herself in the foot. This ex treated her like s**t. Maybe if I treated her like s**t she might want to settle down with me," continued a bitter-sounding Elliott.

The TOWIE star also slammed the possibilty of a reunion, saying he definitely wanted to move on. "I wouldn't get back with Chloe Sims in a million years. I couldn't trust her as far as I could throw her," he said.

As for Chloe, she simply said the relationship had become "too difficult" and that "Elliott needs someone younger who doesn't have a child to think of."

It sounds like it's really over for good this time around…