Tinder campaign in Ireland sends chilling message


Many people using Tinder in Ireland may have come across a young female by the name of Natalia as they swipe.

However, when you click in to see some more of Natalia’s photos, a stark message appears reading: “Made Up To Work Here But Too Young To Be There – Girls as young as 14 years old are trafficked into Ireland for sexual exploitation.”

The campaign is being run by the Immigrant Council of Ireland and concludes: “Sex trafficking victims have no options. You have the option to help end it now. Visit www.turnofftheredlight.ie/action.”

Other dating profiles set up by agency eightytwety on behalf of the council show women by the names of Ana and Kim, who can be seen to be suffering from violence in their photos.

What a fantastic and striking campaign, we really hope it can help to put an end to the suffering of women and children being sex trafficked in Ireland.