This singer ended his long term relationship over the PHONE?!


Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks took the world by surprise when they ended their relationship of three years last week.

But now, Jason has admitted how he broke up with Jordin – over the phone!

When will people learn this is not an acceptable way to break someone’s heart after so long together?! Unless you’re not going to see them for about a month or you’re an explorer in the Antarctica – just do it face to face!

Of course, everyone's relationship is different but we can't help but feel for Jordin after this admission!

Jason was appearing on a radio show Power 105 when he made the admission saying: “I wasn’t in town. It’s not like you guys think.”

Uh huh, sure Jason – were you exploring the Antarctica? Didn’t think so!

Jordin has remained silent on the break-up, but Jason has come forward numerous times since the announcement to deny rumours: “It got to the extent where it was like I got this one girl pregnant. I was like what?”