This One Direction fan apparently slept with Harry, Zayn AND Niall!


One Direction fans, prepare to get very jealous!

An Australian mega-fan has apparently caught the eye of the 1D guys numerous times over the last few years, and has even slept with Harry, Zayn and Niall on different occasions.

None of the guys were in relationships at the time, according to a friend of the fan who revealed the story on Australian radio station NOVA 969.

The friend, who went only by the name Lachlan, claimed that the girl has been plucked from the crowd by security guards at a 1D gig a few years ago and told to come backstage later.

"All I can say is that she's been with three… Zayn, Niall and the latest one is Harry," said Lachlan, adding that each time the girl had been called in advance by security guards and been invited to one of the band's Australian gigs.

When asked how the whole thing began, Lachlan said, "It started out when she got picked out by a security guard and [they] got pulled aside, got their number and were invited back to The Star… I know all this because she's my missus' best friend."

The truth, or a ridiculous fantasy from a fan? We can't know for sure, but we do know that the lads have a soft spot for Australian women – earlier this week Niall was spotted getting VERY cosy with Sydney fan Melissa Anne in the Melbourne's Crown Casino. It's rumoured the pair have been seeing each other on-and-off since November.

After photos were published of the pair allegedly kissing, Melissa began receiving abusive comments and tweets from crazed fans online:

Chill out, ladies!