This is what cheating men and women in 2019 look like

Oh boy, is this interesting.

Ok so, we all know that people cheat. It's the harsh and shitty reality but it IS a reality and now we can see what both the male and female version of a love rat looks like.

All thanks to, the UK’s leading dating site for married people who compiled the typical profiles of their site users.

They checked the most popular characteristics of 5,000 male and female cheats based on preferences in their profiles and questionnaires and ta-da! here's what they found.

Your typical male cheater looks like:

A 43-year-old manager earning £58,000 a year.

He's 5ft 10in, has size ten feet, drives a Golf, his number one hobby is also golf and his favourite TV show is Match of the Day.

He has dark hair with flecks of grey which he keeps undyed.

Oh-so cliche, right?

When it comes to the female cheat, these characteristics are what you should look out for:

She's 39-years-old, also a white collar professional and she earns £52,000 a year.

She's 5ft 4in, and more likely to wear high heels on her feet which are a size 7.

She drives a Mini, her main hobby away from work is going to the gym and her favourite TV show is The Great British Bake Off. spokesman Christian Grant said, ''What these two profiles show is that Mr and Mrs Average love cheat are richer than your ordinary person but in most other respects they are typical.''

He continued, ''One other big giveaway for both sexes if you are trying to spot if your partner will be unfaithful is size. Cheats tend to be taller in both sexes and have a bigger feet.''

He added, ''The other big warning sign is age, particularly if they are entering the last year of a decade. If your partner is turning 30, 40 or 50 this year, do make an effort to spoil them because they may be thinking of making a change.”

Food for thought, huh?