This is the ultimate summer bucket list for when you have no plans


If you have no plans in the pipeline, the summer months can end up feeling like a drag. The longer hours of daylight means that we often have more free time than usual, but we’re not sure how to make the most of it.

However, with the gorgeous spell of weather we’re having at the moment, we’re in the mood to make some amazing summer memories!

With this in mind, we have curated the ultimate bucket list for the summer season. From water sports and taking up new hobbies, to spending quality time with your nearest and dearest, we’re definitely aiming to tick a lot of these off this summer:

1. Go camping: With the milder weather, now is the perfect time to spend a night outdoors! 

2. Go hiking: If you’re a fan of summer walks, take things up a gear this year and explore some of your local hiking trails. 

3. Have a beach day: The ultimate summery day out! Build sandcastles, play beach volleyball, and go for a dip in the sea.

4. Organise a picnic in the park: Who fancies a picnic? Get out your picnic basket and fill it with your favourite snacks and beverages.

5. Go on a road trip: Summer is for adventures, and there’s no better adventure than a road trip! Whether your destination is an old favourite or a new one, you’ll be sure to have an amazing day out. 

6. Try stargazing: With the clear summer skies, now is the perfect time of year to catch a proper glimpse at the night sky.

7. Go kayaking or canoeing: Take to the water this season by paddling through a lake, river, or the sea.

8. Visit an amusement park: Fancy a day at the fair? Spend quality time with loved ones by riding roller coasters, testing out the best game machines and eating candyfloss!

9. Go to a water park: Cool off from the summer heat by enjoying the best water slides and wave pools your area has to offer.

10. Visit a museum: Learn about your local history by spending a day at a museum or art gallery. Plus, there’s always the gift shop at the end!

11. Attend an outdoor concert: Even if you don’t have tickets to some of this year’s biggest gigs, there are always plenty of smaller concerts for you to enjoy this summer.

12. Go to a food festival: The best opportunity to sample delicious foods from different cultures.

13. Visit a local market: Every weekend, many towns and cities across the country host local, quirky markets for you to visit. From fresh produce to handmade gifts, there’s something for everyone!

14. Browse a bookstore: If you’re looking for a new summer read, why not visit your nearest bookstore or library? 

15. Go on a historical site tour: Your area has so much history just waiting to be explored, so why not visit some of your local landmarks?

16. Treat yourself to a spa day: There’s nothing better than some relaxation! Book a spa day with massages, manicures, facials and more.

17. Try out gardening: There’s no better opportunity than the summertime to get involved in the garden! This year, you could plant all kinds of flowers, herbs, or vegetables.

18. Have a movie marathon: When the weather begins to dip, that’s the perfect time to bring out your favourite films! Spend the day with your loved ones, eating lots of popcorn and watching movie classics. 

19. Reading challenge: If you’re stuck in a rut with reading, why not set yourself a new goal? Figure out how many books you would like to read this summer, and then get cracking on your to-be-read list.

20. Host a barbecue: Your family and friends would be thrilled if you organised a barbecue! Not only is it ideal on a hot summer’s day, but it’s also a lovely excuse to bring everyone together.

21. Get into photography: With nature blooming in summertime, this is a great chance for you to delve into the world of photography! 

22. Try out painting: If painting is more your style, you could create some masterpieces this summer by painting your local landscapes. 

23. Start writing: Document the best summer of your life by writing it all down! Whether it’s just a candid journal or something more formal, your writing will become memories you will treasure forever.

24. Host a party: Everyone loves a summer party! This year, you could make it even more exciting for your guests by tailoring to a specific theme, or creating some inventive party games.

25. Organise a sports day: Who says sports days are only for kids? For one summer’s day, you could get your family and friends together for a close-knit sports day. Think about which sports your loved ones would most enjoy playing, divide them into teams, and let the games begin!

26. Have a bonfire night: With these warm summer nights, you can’t beat a good bonfire! Enjoy roasting marshmallows, telling juicy stories and singing along to a few tunes.

27: Go paddleboarding: If you’ve never tried stand-up paddleboarding before, now is the perfect time to take to the water!

28. Learn a new language: If you’re lucky enough to be heading abroad soon on a holiday, why not learn a few words in the native language before you go? Even if you’re not travelling anytime soon, learning a new language is a great hobby to pass the summertime.

29. Try meditating: Bring some zen to your summer this year by taking part in meditation sessions!

30. Start a fitness challenge: If you have a fitness goal that you’d like to achieve by the end of the year, the summer season is the best time to begin… you’ve got this!