This is NOT a drill: Potter fans, you can now actually live in Hogwarts

If you loved Harry Potter (who didn't?!), you probably dreamed about living in Hogwarts too.

Between the Great Hall, secret passageways and trick staircases, it would be every Potterheads dream come true.

Well, in fact, your dreams may come true very soon as a London firm has converted Royal Connaught Park, the same place that houses The Great Hall from all Harry Potter movies, into a set of apartments and lofts that are every bit as magical as the Gryffindor dormitories.

It took five years of renovations to perform, because "most buildings were derelict and the few that were in use were not maintained very well," says Caroline Comer, the marketing director for Comer Homes. 

An apartment in The Great Hall with set you back a fair bit though, with prices ranging between €450,000 to €3.4m. 

Residents will also have access to 100 acres of private ground, a swimming pool, and a gym.

But living in The Great Hall already had us sold.