This IRISH app is going down a storm in the world of PokémonGo

It's safe to say PokémonGo has taken over the world in just a few short weeks.

Kids and celebs alike are playing the game, but with 150 different Pokémon to catch, sometimes the chances are slim.

Unless you have the Irish start-up app, Mawla.

The Dublin-made app is after putting together a series of maps in order to help people find their Pokémon.

Explaining how it works, the app's developer Dan Malone said: "We speak directly with the PokémonGo servers.

"We pretend to be an app and to be in a certain location and they say 'oh you're an app, in Stephen's Green! There's x,y,z Pokémon around you!'

"The way I get the coverage of the areas that I have is by creating a grid of overlapping rings an slowly walking out from the centre to a radius I've defined."

Mawla has been rolling out since PokémonGo was released, and so far, Dan said the fans are unbelievable.

"The reception has been incredible, I've had 180,000 visits to my website in one week. It's been great overall."