This grandfather went on Tinder… it’s just as awkward as you’d think!


Having trouble finding the right guy on Tinder? Well, why not get your granddad to vet them first?!

That's exactly what Ethan, a 21-year-old filmmaker from New York, decided to do. He enlisted the help of his 89-year-old grandfather, Joe, and set him up on five Tinder dates by tricking women with an old picture of Joe as a youngster.

The plan was that Ethan would step in at the end and charm the girls by "saving" them, but as with anything in life, it doesn't really go to plan!

This video is fast going viral and is well worth a watch for Joe's adorable "ice-breaker" questions like "Do you like rapping music?" and "Do you like to skydive?" He's still got it!