This girl wore a fat suit on Tinder dates as an “experiment”!

Online dating can be a bit of a minefield. You're presented with a few lines of information and a handful of pictures – not exactly the easiest way to find the love of your life. And let's face it, while we might not outright lie in our carefully chosen pictures, there's always a little bit of selective editing.

A cheeky filter or a good angle can make all the difference, but does it really matter if you don't look totally like your pictures? The guys over at Simple Pickup conducted a "social experiment" to find out. Their plan was inspired by a recent study which shows that, while the biggest fear for women dating online is meeting a serial killer, the biggest fear for men is that their date is going to be fat… because that would just be the absolute end of the world.

They got their stunning pal Sara to set up a few Tinder dates and then sent her off to meet the guys while wearing a fatsuit and full prosthetic "fat" makeup.

While the experiment is a little bit cringey, the results are interesting… especially when you compare them to the same experiment done with a guy.

Out of Sara's five dates, four of them left, with one saying he was "a little agitated" and another saying he really didn't "appreciate people lying." See for yourself here:

As for the male version… he did fairly well!

All the girls stayed put, and he even got a kiss at the end as well as a couple of plans for future dates. 

Says a lot, doesn't it…