This famous designer is furious with Kate Middleton!


Ralph Lauren is reportedly very upset that Kate Middleton did not attend her husband, Prince William’s charity dinner at Windsor Castle last Tuesday.

The designer found out that the Duchess would not be attending the event six weeks prior to the event and wanted to cancel his own attendance, but was advised against it.

A source said that Ralph was “furious when he found out less than six weeks ago that Kate would not be there.”

It would appear that he wasn’t hiding his disappointment either as when Prince William was introduced to the American designer and his wife, he said: “I’m sorry my wife’s not here, you probably would rather you saw my wife.”

Ralph Lauren’s rep has said that he “had only ever been enthusiastic about attending the event.”

In other exciting Kate Middleton news, it has been rumoured that her no-show at last Tuesday’s soirée could be down to morning sickness.

Ooh, could Kate be expecting again?