This cranberry-brie bread bowl is the perfect weekend treat!

(Seasons and Suppers)

While it may not be quite Christmas yet, we’re already craving all the yummy and festive food that comes with the season. Whatever about putting your Christmas tree up in November – is it so wrong to have a little taste of Christmas food in November?

We don’t think so! Which is why our recipe today is for a devilishly tasty and cheesy brie and cranberry bread bowl – because we deserve it! Aromatic, indulgent and utterly delicious, follow this recipe to combine all our favourite things – bread, cheese and Christmas!

brown coffee beans on black ceramic plate

2 tbsp Thyme, fresh leaves

100g cranberry sauce

Salt & pepper

2tbsp olive oil

1 loaf fresh baked bread

1 wheel of brie

Heat your oven to 200C.

Using a bread knife, saw off the top third of the bread to create a bowl from the lower half of the bread.

Cut out the soft section of the bread to hollow out the bowl around the shape of the brie. Slice into the rim in even sections before brushing the inside of the bread bowl with olive oil.

Season the inside of the bread bowl with salt, pepper and thyme.

Cut off the rind from the top of the brie and place it into the bread bowl. Sprinkle more thyme over the cheese and then spoon in cranberry sauce over the cheese.

Place the bread bowl lid on top of the bread bowl and bake for 20 minutes at 200C.

Take the lid off to allow the cheese to cool a little before ripping out the bread rim segments to dip in the cheese and cranberry mix for a delicious cheesy snack!