These six winter skin sins are giving you bad breakouts

New season, new make-up trends, new wardrobe… and a new set of hard conditions for our skin. 

Let's be honest, Irish winters can be harsh – and we're not talking about the cold, rain and wind – but they dry and dull skin that can result from it. 

Sporting a dry, chapped face is never a good look, but with these few simple tips, your face will be glowing all winter long:

You're using your regular moisturiser

It's time to bring in the heavyweights. A winter beauty kit isn't complete without an industrial strength moisturiser.

You will need a good day-time moisturiser and an even richer one for night-time. Heavy moisturiser is useful because it restores the hydration that is lost on the outer layer of skin. 


Leaving out SPF

Just because the sun doesn't shine through the clouds during winter months doesn't mean the UV rays aren't as intense – yep, they still knock around during the winter. Make sure you still use a SPF.

Sunscreen prevents not only sun burn but wrinkles, age spots, and of course, skin cancer. Look out for a moisturiser with a built in SPF to make your beauty routine even handier. 



Exfoliating is a great way to get rid of dead skin cells, but over-doing it in winter does more harm than good. 

Just tone down on the peels and scrubs during these months as you're in risk of stripping away your natural oils. Instead, use a hot face cloth or cleanser to remove dead skin cells. 


Not drinking enough water

You knew this was coming! But it's so essential for your skin and your body to stock up on some H2O during the cold months.

Drinking at least eight glasses of water will rehydrate your skin and stop any puffiness you might experience once the chilly weather strikes. Also be aware that coffee and alcohol can dry out your skin too. 


Staying in a hot shower

We know it's tempting to stay in a hot shower when it's freezing outside, but after about 15 minutes the heat begins to strip away your skin's lipid layer (a complex of fatty acids that holds in precious moisture).

Turn the temperature down as much as you can or shorten your shower time. Your water bill will thank you anyway.