Mysteriously lifelike AVATAR babies plunge Internet into state of chaos

From supermodel dogs to pumpkin spiced nails, the Internet has gifted the world some glorious creations in recent months.

And it seems its ability to mesmerise is powerful beyond belief as today’s viral obsession is a trio of Avatar babies.

Earlier this week, a video appeared on Instagram which shows a human hand repositioning three sleeping blue infants.


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Because of their incredibly lifelike appearances and obvious link to a famous movie, the coloured triplets have since garnered huge attention online as social media users continue to question the possibility that they are in some way human.





Since making their way onto Twitter, the Avatars have been described as “nightmare fuel”, “sooo bloody cute” and pretty much everything in between.






As it turns out, the triplets are made out of silicon, can be bought online and retail for a massive €1,800.