Pumpkin spiced NAILS? The internet has officially gone too far

Autumn is finally here! 

The leaves are falling from the trees, hats and scarves are finally acceptable attire AND the pumpkin spice plague is back. 

I call it a plague because it seems as though everywhere I look WHAM… there's a pumpkin flavoured something. 

The latest ridiculous use of pumpkin spice is actually brilliant in a weird way. 

Youtube nail artist twi_star recently posted a video on her channel, and it has the Internet TALKING.

Angel posted a video of her using pumpkin spice as a coating on her nails, kind of like a weird cinnamon flavoured glitter? 

Anyway, the results are gross, and yet we can't help but think there are people out there who will do this! 

What are your thoughts ladies?