There was serious embarrassment on stage for poor Britney!


Oh God ladies, this is super awkward.

Britney Spears was performing onstage during her Piece Of Me residency show in Las Vegas last week when she suffered QUITE the wardrobe/hair malfunction.

The singer, who is currently sporting a sleek blond bob, wears long hair extensions for the show – but her stylist clearly didn't clip them in tightly enough.

The 33-year-old was singing Do Somethin' when a large chunk of hair fell from the back of her head and swung for a few seconds before falling to the floor.

Ever the professional, Britney carried on as if nothing had happened – or she just didn't notice.

Either way, the whole thing would have blown over if a fan hadn't caught the episode on camera for us all to watch on repeat:


Britney launched her Piece of Me show back in December 2013 and has been performing three nights every week since then.

This is not the first on-stage embarrassment that poor Brit has suffered during her Vegas run – early on in the residency her costume's zip opened during a song, completely exposing her back.

Hopefully the hair extension debacle was the last of the malfunctions for a while!