The ugliest Christmas jumpers we’ve seen this year!


We'd never say no to a cosy Christmas sweater, but it is possible to take things too far.

Fairy lights? Yes. Giant 3D Ruploph head protruding from the front of the jumper? Eh… no.

Here are a few of the worse ones we've come across this year…

1. This jumper that was clearly not meant for a grown man
Nice treasure trail!

2. This "sweater-dress"
That's a lot of green felt…

3. This bath mat/festive tunic
There's something about wearing towelling in public that just screams "disaster".

4. These highly impractical candy canes
Imagine the five of them trying to fit in the car together…

5. This springy contraption
Bouncing Santa boobs? Oh, lovely.

6. This unfortunate sweater vest
Why, oh why the polo neck insert?

7. This rude slogan
I don't like your attitude, young lady.

8. This strip club wonderland jumper
Santa loves the ladies.

9. This festive cape
Nothing says "Christmas" like a poncho, amirite?