The things every woman keeps in her bedside table


Yes, we’re hoarders and your bedside table always seems like such a good idea to hide all of those unmentionables … but why?!

Here are some of the more regular, and some not so regular items bound to be found in our bedside tables!

1. Passport
Surely every thief in the world must know where to look for a passport. Everyone uses their underwear drawer as a hiding place.


2. Condoms
If they’re not on your bedside locker then they’re probably in your knicker drawer. Because duh.


3. A box of cigarettes
You don’t smoke, but you bring them on nights out, and this is where they live in between.


4. Bizarre bra
It cost like 50 quid and you wore it one time.


5. Patterned tights
You know the ones that you bought because they were on sale in River Island for €2. You’ll probably end up throwing them out but for now they remain in the drawer unworn and useless.


6. Sexy underwear
You only pull out the big guns for special occasions. You know the exact pants that make your arse look great and the bra that is both flattering and sexy.


7. Granny pants- aka period pants
They’re seriously naff but so so comfy. Even though the elestic is clearly visible you still won’t throw them away.

giphy-118. The mini vibrator/sex toy
If there is one place you’re going to stash this it’s probably in here..


9. Mismatched selection of socks
Well this is exactly what you’d expect to find in here. Life is too short to oraganise socks and this is why you can never find a decent pair.

Miss Matched Socks

10.  Sale items from Ann Summers that you will never ever wear. Ever. 
You know the stuff- with straps that you can’t figure out – It kind of scares you a little bit to be honest. Seemed like a good idea at the time though!


11. The Bridget Jones suck-in knickers
You probably bought these for your cousin’s wedding a few years back but they are always there for emergencies. You just hope that know one will ever have to see you in them.


12. Bullet proof padded bra
You know the one. The bra that is so padded it could literally protect your boobies from an AK47. It also gives you unrelastic expectations of your cleavage. False


13. Stockings
You bought them to be sexy but every time you attempt to wear them you end up ripping them to shreds. WHY are they so uncomfy?! You just wanted to be Dita Von Teese.


14. Tanning mitt
Raggedy old thing, but always pulled out for nights out.

skinny tan tanning mitt

15. Coppers/pennies
An assortment of currency from countries that you haven’t even been to.


16. Your ex boyfriends old boxers
That you should probably throw away but still wear occasionally… mainly because they’re too comfy to throw out.

giphy-1via our content partner CT