The Tag A Cat app is basically Tinder for cat people

Let's face it, some people are cat people and some people most definitely are not. If you're worried about getting matched with a true cat hater on Tinder, maybe you need to change up your apps.

Tag a Cat is technically a "cat picture sharing" system but it's extremely interactive AND uses GPS to connect you with fellow cat lovers all over the world… or just down the road. Sounds like a dating app to us.

Users can follow their fave cat picture feeds, comment on shared items and link with other feline fans. From there you can arrange a date to bring your two cats together… or leave the moggies at home and have an owner-only meeting!

Tag a Cat's creator says the app is perfect "for people who can’t get enough of cats, and want to share their own cat pics with like-minded people."

Never again will we feel awkward about over-sharing pictures of our pets!