The seven types of break-up you experience in your twenties!

Our college years and twenties are a time for getting to know ourselves and what we really want from a relationship. Sadly, that means we’ll probably all go through at least one split, if not many more, before finding The One.

Here are a few types of break-ups you’re definitely likely to experience at one point or another – some painful, some just plain ridiculous!

1. The one where he just disappears
You two have been seeing each other for a few weeks, maybe you’ve even gone on a couple of dates and met all his pals. Then all of a sudden – nothing. You stop hearing from him altogether and after a couple of tentative texts from your side (any more than that is excessive!) you decide to just chalk this one down to experience and move on.

2. The one that just ran out of steam
Let’s face it, you were never really into this guy to begin with. You’ve had a few fun nights together, he’s totally sound and makes you laugh but there’s just no spark. Over time the gaps between your meetings become longer and longer until he’s just that lad who pops up on your Facebook feed every once in a while. No bad blood!

3. The one that happens by text
If a relationship ends by text it was probably never a goer to begin with – regardless of who’s the one doing the texting. It’s more of a courtesy goodbye so that the dumper doesn’t feel totally cold-hearted. Fingers crossed that the dumpee has the good sense to take it well and not spend the next few days sending song lyrics and thoughtful pieces of prose.

4. The one where you both know it’s coming
Mutual break-ups can be the most painful. You’ve both come to realise that your relationship needs to end, but discussing the reasons why can be unexpectedly painful. Expect to feel more than a little heartbroken after this, but know it’s for the best.

5. The one that goes on…and on…
This one can be a total headwrecker. First comes the break-up, along with all the tears, drama and re-adjustment, and then before you know it, the two of you are back together and trying to work things out. Which is totally fine until the whole cycle happens again two months later. Just finish it already!

6. The one with tears from all sides
Maybe one of you is moving away for work or college, or maybe it’s just not working out, but either way there’s going to be tears. These kind of break-ups are the hardest as you both end up comforting each other, which can lead to kissing, cuddling and the inevitable break-up sex. Just be clear on what each of you wants before you wake up naked beside each other the next morning!

7. The one where you never want to see him again
Think crying, screaming and possible flinging of objects across the room. Whether one party has cheated or has just been a total idiot, try to keep this break-up short and sweet rather than getting caught shouting at each other for hours about old issues.