The right way to remove make-up


Removing your make-up the right way is more important that you think. If you don’t do it properly, you could end up going to bed with traces of product on your face – the perfect way to invite acne.

Here’s how we take off our make-up after a long day:

  • Use a cotton pad to remove any eye make-up you have on. If you don’t have a gentle eye make-up remover, you could use olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Use a different removal cream for the rest of your make-up and gently wipe it over your face with a new cotton pad.
  • Drape a warm towel over your face to open your pores and make it easier for cleansing.
  • Gently wash your face with your usual cleanser.
  • You might have some eye makeup running at this stage. Use a cotton bud dipped into oil to remove this.
  • Close your pores by splashing cold water over your face.
  • Pat your face dry with a towel.

You must feel pretty good now!