The ‘professional bridesmaid’ that every bride should have!

One woman has decided to offer her expert services as a “professional bridesmaid” and no, this is not the plot from 27 dresses or any upcoming rom-com arriving at our cinemas this summer, but in fact a legit ad on Craigslist.

The 26-year-old woman posted the advert last Friday and has since then become a viral hit. The woman has listed all of her expert skills in the advert and said she was available to be any future bride’s “professional bridesmaid”.

It seems that she has the experience too as the wedding expert revealed that she had already been a bridesmaid this year four times for some of her close friends.

“That’s 4 different chiffon dresses, 4 different bachelorette parties filled with tequila shots and guys in thong underwear twerking way too close to my face, 4 different pre-wedding pep talks to the bride about how this is the happiest day of her life and marriage, probably, is just like riding a bike: a little shaky at first but then she’ll get the hang of it.”

If that wasn’t enough the expert bridesmaid also listed all of her handy wedding skills  which are required for any bride’s big day:

“- Holding up the 18 layers of your dress so that you can pee with ease on your wedding day
– Catching the bouquet and then following that moment up with my best Miss America-like “Omg, I can’t believe this” speech.
– Doing the electric and the cha cha slide.
– Responding in a timely manner to pre-wedding email chains created by other bridesmaids and the Maid of Honour.”

One thing the ad didn’t mention was the cost, but with skills like that we can imagine it to be pretty steep!