The nine awkward stages of starting a new job!


Getting offered your dream job is an amazing feeling, but what's not so amazing is all those VERY awkward moments you have to get through while you're settling in.

So many new tasks! So many new faces! It can all be a bit overwhelming.

Here are just nine of the horrible stages you have to get through in the first few days…

1. The terror/excitement of knowing tomorrow's the big day
The absolute fear.

2. Not having a clue what to wear
What in God's name does "smart casual" mean these days?

3. Leaving your house two hours earlier than usual
Well, the Luas might break down. IT MIGHT.

4. The cringe worthy introductions
"Hi, hi, hi, I won't remember any of your names in a minute's time."

5. Struggling to work the doorbell, the coffee machine, your computer… EVERYTHING.
If you hear the sound of your annoying voice saying "em, excuse me, could you just give me a hand with…" one more time, you're actually going to escort yourself out of the building. Everything is so hard to use!

6. Wondering how soon is too soon to whip out your Taylor Swift impression
It's charming, no?!

7. Eating lunch on your own like a loser
Oh, the perils of the office cafeteria.

8. Trying to get your head around everything
So many spreadsheets! How does everyone remember all this information?!

9. Praying for someone else new to start so you won't be the rookie anymore
"Go on, ask me anything. Ask me where the tea bags are."