The most hilarious things that have ever happened on Irish TV


Irish TV has had some pretty epic bloopers in the past – and we've put our favorites together. 

You guys, THIS is why we really pay a TV license. 

1. That time Pat Kenny RIPPED up Toy Show tickets because a woman said she didn't want them. We're glad he put her in her place, but we could have taken them…


2. If you haven't seen What's Snots yet, you're in for a treat. Get ready to learn some great quotes that will last you a lifetime. "Where'd ya get your shades?" … "Is it a ladder you go up to the ceiling with?"


3. Sharon is basically the Tony Soprano of RTÉ


4. It's official – this never gets old. "Whash?!"


5. That wouldn't be her kind of thing now, at all at all


6. Poor ol' Pat – he really got an awful time of it, bless him


7. Aaaand, replay!


8. "Thanks a mill"


9. We're just going to leave this here…


10. "No no no no no no no" – the entire country watched from behind their hands…