The most dangerous sex position… revealed!

We've never exactly though of sex as an extreme sport, but it turns out it all depends on the position!

New research has outlined which positions are the safest for couples getting down and dirty… and which ones are the most dangerous. Brazilian scientists evaluated hospital admissions relating to men's sexual injuries over the course of 13 years, and broke down the results to discover which positions were the most likely to cause problems.

It turns out that having the woman on top isn't always the fantasy men dream of, as it accounts for a whopping 50% of penile fractures. If your man is looking for a safer position, it's best to stick to "doggy style" and missionary, which are accountable for only 29% and 21% of penile fractures respectively.

When a woman is on top, men's ability to quickly stop painful movements is lessened – but in other positions he is more in control.

Don't panic though, as penile fractures are "relatively uncommon" and are more likely to cause "fear and embarrassment" than any long-lasting effects, say researchers.

As for "sexual injuries" caused by drunkenly falling out of the bed after a few too many mojitos… well that's another scientific study altogether!