The man behind Ship Your Enemies Glitter just became VERY rich


Last week we told you about Matt Carpenter, the brainchild behind start-up company Ship Your Enemies Glitter.

The 22-year-old Australian became inundated with orders when he launched a website which promised to send your chosen enemy "so much glitter in an envelope that they’ll be finding that sh** everywhere for weeks," for the low low price of just AUD$9.99 (€7.09).

The world pretty much unanimously agreed that Matt's idea was AMAZING, but the poor lad couldn't hack the pressure and decided to sell the company after just four days.

It seems his gamble was a good one, as the site has just been bought anonymously for a cool $85,000 (€74,500) on domain-selling site Flippa.

Since the site was launched 10 days ago, it's had 2.5 million visitors, has been mentioned on social media almost half a million times and has gotten worldwide publicity on TV and radio, too.

Not bad for a start-up that's less than a fortnight old!