The important message behind the #NothingToHide campaign

Many Irish people, especially students, will have by now heard about the ‘Cashface’ #nothingtohide campaign.

Started by UCD student, Pat McKeown who shared his story about his struggle with mental health, the campaign has now taken off on social media in a way that can only be great for Ireland’s mental health awareness.

Now the campaign has gone viral, with stories including Clare O’Connor’s, leading many others to share their own Cashface and share with other people that there is #NothingToHide when it comes to mental health.

Even UFC fighter, Conor McGregor has taken part in the campaign, posing with Pat with his very own Cashface. Although the campaign has been around since last year, February 2015 is set to be #NothingToHideMonth so let's all make sure we get behind this great campaign and it's positive message! 

Check out the Cashface Facebook page to find out more about this great approach to one of Ireland’s biggest problems. 

It's time for us all to realise that when it comes to mental health, there is #NothingToHide!