The GIFs you need to see from this year’s Oscars!


The 87th Academy Awards took place last night, with cinema's biggest and brightest (or biggest and "whitest" according to host Neil Patrick Harris) gathering to honour the best films of the last year.

Due to that pesky time difference, most of Ireland was tucked up in bed by the time the ceremony kicked off… but if you missed out on the action, fear not, because we've rounded up some of the night's best and worst moments in GIF form.

Here goes…

1. Dakota Johnson hating on her mum on the red carpet
The actress indulged in some serious eye-rolling when her mum Melanie explained why she (understandly) doesn't want to see Fifty Shades of Grey.


2. All of Neil Patrick Harris' opening number
Also starring Anna Kendrick, Jack Black and half of Hollywood. It's too good for just one GIF – you need to see the whole thing!


3. Benedict Cumberbatch telling the cameras to go away
Can we have a sip?


4. Eddie Redmayne's adorable acceptance speech for his Best Actor gong
He's so chuffed!


5. Meryl Streep's reaction to Patricia Arquette speaking about women's rights


6. Wes Anderson forgetting how to clap like a normal human
*places hands together…pulls hands apart… places hands together*


7. John Travolta being the ultimate slimebag
Stop touching Idina, for God's sake! And Scarlett, for that matter.


8. NPH showing us his tighty whities
Fair play!