The easiest way to clean your bedroom


Cleaning your bedroom is a necessary evil and the bane of most people’s lives. If you are anything like us you would do anything – ANYTHING – to spend as little time cleaning it as possible.

To help you do a quick sweep of your room, follow these steps:

Make your bed
Start by making your bed, your room will look instantly tidier – not tidy but tidier!

Pick up the rubbish
Grab a plastic bag and pick up all the rubbish that seems to have missed your bin.

Take out cups
Take out the pile of cups that have started taking over your dresser.

Sort your clothes
Sort your clothes into dirty and clean. Whatever’s dirty put in the hamper and put away the clean clothes.

Put things in a proper place
Have a look around the room and check to see if there is anything out of place – put your writing pad on your desk, your hairdryer on your dresser, etc.

Polish all your surfaces, including your skirting board.

Get the vacuum cleaner and make sure you get every spot under the bed and desk – don’t just go around things.

Bin things
Don’t hang on to scraps of paper or things that have no meaning – bring the little ornaments that are taking up space to the charity shop and throw out things that are broken.

Do this at least once every two weeks to avoid the build up.