The best Twitter reactions to ecstasy being made (briefly) legal!

In what has to be some of the most bizarre Irish news we've heard in a long time, a number of headshop and Class A drugs are currently legal in the Republic of Ireland as the result of a legal loophole.

Not the best day for the Irish government!

Twitter of course got VERY excited with the news – here are some of the best reactions we've seen so far.

1. It started with pure shock:


2. Others knew exactly what they had to do:


3. Some were regretful:


4. But of course we're forgetting the most important things – spelling and grammar!


5. Not everyone had something funny to say, unfortunately:


6. Some were hopeful that this could mean big things for Ireland:


7. While others were… well… a little confused!

Of course, things should be back to normal again by this evening due to an emergency late night sitting of the Dáil to rectify the problem. All the same, it'll make for a good episode of Reeling in the Years somewhere down the line!