The BEST apps every fashion lover needs to have on their phone

Don't get us wrong, we all love a bit of fashion and beauty. AND yes, we definitely all wish we could look good all the time – but it can be such a pain. #thestruggleisreal 

Well now it doesn't have to be! These oh-so cool fashion apps can help you with everything from organising your outfits to getting the best inspiration for any occasion.

So without further ado… we bring you our top five fashion apps – to have you looking good in no time.

1. PS Dept

For those of you who don't already have a professional on speed dial (almost all of us, so), PS Dept gives users access to fashion stylists 24/7. Whether you are looking to get advice on a full outfit or just one item, you can browse through the app and get all the inspiration and advice you need. The stylists you talk to come from major fashion brands such as Chloe, Net-A-Porter and Stella McCartney to name a few.

2. Like To Know It

This one was created in conjunction with everyone's favourite app – Instagram! The app makes it possible to track down the most chic pieces you come across on your Instagram feed. All you have to do is sign up to Like I Know It and whenever you 'like' a picture you receive an email giving you all the details about where to buy the clothes that are in the post. Easy!

3. Mallzee

This app is perfect for organising and curating your favourite pieces. You can differentiate your clothes to go from work outfits to girls night outfits and much more. If only it was that easy to organise our messy closets! Another great feature of the app is if you save your favourite items and they go on sale you will immediately be notified.


4. Keep Shopping

This is your one-stop universal shopping cart. It allows you to shop from any brand or shop in the world and pay for it all in one go. Gone are the days of trekking around shopping centres and tirelessly scrolling through pages and pages of shops online to find the perfect piece. It's all done for you here!

5. Style Kick

This app is the best place to get all your fashion inspiration in one go. Browse through thousands of outfits for any occasion and you are guaranteed to come across something you will love. The app also recommends outfits and pieces for you to shop based on your own personal style and interests. You can also chat to other fashion lovers and bloggers to get the best advice.