The 7 different types of single people


Being single can be a lot of fun, once you embrace it and stop being such a miserable fool. You’re young, you’re free, you have nothing stopping you being totally wild. Which type of single person are you?

1. The Single Still Mourning Their Last Relationship
Your last relationship was a doozy: a tale of passion, love, and resentment. You might feel like you need a few years to tend to your depleted emotional wells after that break-up. You’d rather talk about your last relationship to your (very patient) friends. Don’t worry — we’ve all been there.

2. The Single Who Is Painfully Aware of Being Single
You see yourself as being single above everything: in your mind, it’s your defining characteristic. Maybe you start to avoid the topic of dating altogether. You start to feel like the prospect of dating is hopeless — and it will be, unless you turn your attitude around, and start seeing yourself as a person, not just a single person.

3. The Single Who Is Eternally Single (And Content With It)
Work life? Check. Friends? Check. Cool hobbies, interests, clothes, apartment? Check, check, check, check. You seem to have everything in your life, except, for some reason, a relationship. But you don't care – why should you? Your life is amazing!

4. The Newly Single Person Who Doesn’t Really Mind Being Single
Ah, single again. Well, no big deal, you know the routine.  It’s sort of nice to be on your own for a while! To have quiet nights in by yourself, and wild nights out with your friends.  You totally appreciate the positive side to being single, which is good, because you’re usually not single for long.

5. The Single Person Who Loves The Thrill 
Single? Of course you’re single. You wouldn’t dream of  being tied to just one person, not when dating is this exciting! The thrill of the chase, the butterflies, the flirting: you are good at the dating game, and you know it. Maybe someday you’ll settle down, but not while you’re having so much fun.

6. The Single Headhunter
There is an opening in your life, and you’re looking to fill the position of Significant Other ASAP. You take a serious, almost business-like approach to finding a partner. You date consistently, and use any method available to you to find dates, which is usually just Tinder… basically you’re just a Tinder fiend!


7. The Single Who’s Not Really That Single
Yeah, technically you’re not dating someone, and your Facebook status might proudly say “Single.” But secretly, you’re completely wrapped up in someone else, and you’re not really interested in playing the field.

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