The 10 things that every Irish father says!


With Father’s Day around the corner, we’ve come up with some of the most common phrases that our used by our lovely Irish Daddies!

1. Fine


One single word that can end any argument. That dreaded word is only made worse, if you don’t take on any of his wise advice, which you always end up wishing you had.

2. The immersion, did you switch off the immersion?!


You maybe half way to your destination, but if there is any shred of doubt that the immersion might be on, you will guarantee that he will rush home to check.

3. You wouldn’t want to be doing that now.


Enough said.

4. Well, why you can’t be more like…


Don’t even finish that sentence dad!

5. Get away with that! You’re not wearing that!


He’s simply not up to date with the latest fashion trends.

6. You’re on your phone/laptop an awful lot.


He then believes that you must have a secret city boyfriend that you’re not telling him about.

7. How much?!


Seriously these shoes have been reduced, it’s a bargain really!

8. I’d love a cup of tea


Not so subtle hints.

9. Ask your mother!


So, that’s a no then.

10. No, I’m not a chauffeur!


But you promised! How else am I supposed to get to that destination which is really only a five minute walk away….but he doesn’t need to know that!